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Vera Blue

Vera Blue, Musician and songwriter

It’s important to be positive and enjoy life’s crazy ride!

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Few Australian musicians have enjoyed as much unabashed success in recent years as Vera Blue. The singer and songwriter also known as Celia Pavey first came to national attention thanks to her barnstorming run on season 2 of The Voice Australia, and since then has gone on to become a critical darling of the music scene thanks to huge hits including 'Regular Touch', 'Mended' and 'All The Pretty Girls'. This year has been a big one for Vera Blue, releasing new track 'Like I Remember You' before hitting the road and performing with fellow Aussie music wunderkind Flume. Vera Blue will be capping off the year with a massive performance at the Falls Music & Arts Festival in Byron Bay. Before she takes the stage, we caught up with the heralded muso to talk about her whirlwind career to date and if Falls punters will be treated to some new Vera Blue tunes!

Ever since the release of your acclaimed album Perennial in 2017, it seems like you have been non-stop making music and touring. What has the past two years of your life been like?
The past two years have been insane! I’ve been playing loads of festivals, doing my own headline tours in Australia, North America, UK and Europe – both regional and capital cities. It’s been so nice to visit places I’ve never been to before and play music to those who have connected with music. I’ve also been in the studio non-stop working on some exciting new music. The past four months I’ve spent on the road touring the world with Flume during the release period of our song ‘Rushing Back’, which we are both super proud of and to be able to perform that to audiences in Australia and overseas, hearing thousands of people singing the words back has been mind blowing. I’m so grateful and blessed to be able to do what I love and share it with the world.

Speaking of Flume, can you tell us how that particular team-up come about and do you have any other dream collabs on your bucket list?
That was such an amazing moment at Lollapalooza! Harley and I have known each other since he invited me to sing ‘Never Be Like You’ at Splendour In The Grass a few years ago. I was in LA for a couple weeks during year before last and we hung out and wrote ‘Rushing Back’. I’ve always dreamed of working with artists like SIA, Jack Garratt and even Madonna!

Back in February, you released your single ‘Like I Remember You’ – a song written in collaboration with Greenpeace to protect the Great Australian Bight from oil drilling. Australia’s in a tough spot environmentally – how important is it for you to use your platform to speak out on these kinds of issues?
It’s very important to me and to other artists with a platform to try our best to spread awareness on environmental issues, so that we can move forward with more knowledge and hopefully build a community to people who can help make a difference any way we can.

We’re excited to catch your set at Falls Music & Arts Festival over the New Year’s period. Are there any artists on the bill you’re personally excited to see perform?
This years lineup is awesome! I’m pumped to see Halsey –I’m a huge fan of hers! Also Lewis Capaldi has an incredible voice and Cosmos Midnight are great friends of mine and always such a good vibe to watch.

We have to ask – will any new Vera Blue tunes be making their way into your set (please say yes)?
Hehe – secrets revealed! Maybe!

On the topic of new music, how would you say you’ve grown as a songwriter over the past two years and how is it manifesting in your newest material?
I think for me, being unafraid to say what I feel is true and to open up, knowing that once the song is out it will hopefully relate to many other people. My songs are written about things that I’m going through, or what is happening in my life.

You have achieved so much since you burst into the industry in 2013, what are the biggest lessons you have learnt since stepping into the limelight?
A huge lesson I’ve learnt in the past few years has been making sure that I surround myself with people that are real, true and honest. I have the most amazing friends and family that keep me grounded that I can talk to whenever. They are so supportive and always keep things real. I’ve also learnt that it is important to talk to someone when going through a tough time. Life can be stressful and we can’t expect ourselves to do everything right or always be on our game. Everyone makes mistakes it’s the only way we learn and we are only human.

With the end of the decade just around the corner, can you fill us in on some of your favourite artists of the past ten years?
Jack Garrat, Yumi Zuma, Halsey, FKA twigs, Banks, Empress Of, Harry Styles.

Are you a big resolutions maker? If so, any goals you’re looking to set for yourself in 2020?
Not really, I like to see where the wind takes me without having too many expectations. It’s important to be positive and enjoy life’s crazy ride!

Vera Blue will be performing as part of the stacked Falls Music & Arts Festival bill, which is taking place at North Byron Parklands between December 31 and January 2. You can get some last-minute tickets here!

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