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The Weekend Series: five boutique Queensland honey brands to drizzle over everything

The Weekend Series: five boutique Queensland honey brands to drizzle over everything

By now, most of us are well aware of the plight of the bee. From widespread losses of bee colonies to underperforming Queens, it’s a conundrum that has stirred up plenty of conversation, controversy and calls for help. Indeed, the strong must protect the sweet, so we’ve rounded up five boutique Queensland honey brands that are not only supporting bees but also producing some mighty fine nectar perfect for winter indulgences.

Bee One Third
We’ve long been fans of the work of Brisbane changemaker Jack Stone, who has been working tirelessly to bottle raw, chemical-free, all-natural honey from neighbourhoods across Brisbane and the east coast for years. All Bee One Third honey is 100 percent traceable back to its point of production, with each bottle offering a delicious, seasonal reflection of the flowers in bloom at that particular time and location. Take your pick of blends sourced from James Street, Brisbane City, Bribie Island, East Brisbane, Hamilton and beyond, and know that you’re not only helping to keep age-old beekeeping techniques alive, but also promoting the wellbeing of our local pollinators.
Image: Bee One Third

 Hum Honey
Gathering the purest raw, organic honey by hand from the Sunshine Coast hinterland, Hum Honey is a lesson in how to do beekeeping authentically. The bees roam and feed on a subtropical rainforest and open forest hardwoods, before their honey is cold extracted with minimal filtration to preserve the natural nutrients. The award-winning maker only uses organic, natural beekeeping methods so there are no chemical residues, antibiotics or additives in the end products, which navigate an original range and cold-fusion collection boasting flavour bombs like French Périgord truffle, Australian fingerlime and organic rose petal.
Image: Hum Honey

Hive & Harvest
These guys are focused on not only increasing awareness of the importance of bees and locally sourced produce in our increasingly global society, but also producing raw, unprocessed, natural honey with no additives. Their bees feast on local flora across South East Queensland, creating a divine range of locally produced honey that varies in flavour, colour and texture across the suburbs. Taste honey sourced from New Farm (Spicers Balfour and Brisbane Powerhouse), Paddington, Mt. Coot-tha Forest, Fig Tree Pocket and Brisbane City.
Image: Hive & Harvest

Bee All Natural
Every Bee All Natural hive location and its foraging surrounds is carefully inspected by the team to ensure it’s free from insecticides, pesticides and fungicides, to best provide a supportive, natural environment for these busy little pollinators. The results can be seen in the brand’s extensive array of products, ranging from honey (raw, cold-infused, creamed and honeycomb) to lip balms, body butters, furniture polish, beeswax, candles and more. The brand’s commitment to sustainable, organic beekeeping methods, as well as its simple process of straining and bottling honey fresh from the hive, has earned it plenty of accolades across the industry.
Image: Bee All Natural

Apiaries 8
This family-owned business sees three generations of apiarists sharing a passion for sustainable beekeeping and minimal intervention. Raw honey is cold-pressed and bottled without any additives, meaning sweet tooths can enjoy a pure product packed full of natural health benefits. The Geebung-based business sources pollen and nectar from across the local region and further afield, to offer a wide range of mixed blossom honeys that vary in taste and colour, depending on the trees and flowers available to the bees in that particular area. Think yellow box, river red gum, raspberry, tea tree, brush box, blue top ironbark and more. The brand’s pure and raw honeycomb was also recently listed as a 2019 delicious. Harvey Norman Produce Awards state winner in the ‘From the Earth’ category.
Image: Apiaries 8

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