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Sip coffee with conscience at Parlour Coffee Sip coffee with conscience at Parlour Coffee

Sip coffee with conscience at Parlour Coffee

For many coffee drinkers it’s a non-negotiable part of the morning but how many of us have paused to consider the origins of the beans or how they made their way from the farm to your cup? Parlour Coffee is here to change that by educating patrons about the traceability of its coffee.

Before it finds its way into your hands, the coffee beans have already been harvested, processed, dried, milled, hauled, roasted, ground and brewed. That’s quite a journey and one that Jermaine Elcham, owner of Parlour Coffee in Burleigh Heads, is immensely passionate about sharing with the coffee-loving populace. He and the team at Parlour Coffee are actively encouraging a shift in focus from emphasising just the taste of coffee to rigorously questioning by whom and where was this coffee sourced in an effort to move towards a more sustainable coffee culture. So it goes without saying that Parlour Coffee sources beans ethically and sustainably from artisan roasters that are involved in direct trade.

The coffee at Parlour is an exclusive blend from a boutique roaster in Brisbane and can be roughly divided into single-origin coffees and blends. Every morning the barista team dials in doses and temperatures to suit the particular blend to ensure you’re enjoying the best possible coffee experience. Take a coffee flight of Parlour Coffee’s feature flavour or grab a bag to go to enjoy sustainably sourced ethical coffee at home.

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