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Crack a tin of sparkling cold brew coffee from Industry Beans Crack a tin of sparkling cold brew coffee from Industry Beans

Crack a tin of sparkling cold brew coffee from Industry Beans

In the immortal words of Nelly, it's getting hot in here but instead of taking off all of your clothes (which may or may not be appropriate depending on your current setting), Industry Beans is here to help you keep your cool with two exciting new ready-to-drink products – Single Origin Cold Brew and for something a little extra, a Sparkling Single Origin Cold Brew. 

Just in time for springtime sipping, legendary coffee connoisseurs and specialty roasters Industry Beans has released a limited run of brand, spanking new cold brew cans and hellooooo happiness. The brew is available in regular single-origin as well as a snazzier, jazzier sparkling version and uses the brand’s trademarked Industry Beans 100% Pure Process, which sees only the purist cold brew coffee extracted with no heat treatment or additives. The resulting swill is a shelf-stable cold brew that is delicious to drink with flavours and natural sweetness that highlights the characteristics of the single origin it’s brewed from. Unlike some other tinned beverages of the caffeinated kind, Industry Beans’ process uses only coffee and water and doesn’t pasteurise, inject nitrogen or use preservatives.

The first limited-release batch is made using one of Industry Beans’ most beloved single origin coffees – Tirra Estate from the San Marcos district of Costa Rica. As a cold brew, the flavour profile offers tasting notes of red cherry, fuji apple and riesling for a clean and naturally sweet taste. The Sparkling edition uses the same single origin cold brew but additionally utilises a new type of carbonation not seen in coffee before for a light and refreshing spritz. The cold-brew cans are the perfect option for on-the-go sipping and can be enjoyed over ice or as a base for iced coffees and cocktails. Swing by Industry Beans cafe in Newstead to pick up a cheeky four-pack or jump online here.

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