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CoffeeSock Co. makes cold-brew a breeze CoffeeSock Co. makes cold-brew a breeze

CoffeeSock Co. makes cold-brew a breeze

While chilly mornings still have the majority of coffee addicts reaching for a warm cup of freshly brewed espresso, cold-brew converts can appreciate the smoother, naturally sweeter flavour of the chilled caffeinated beverage all year round.

Texas-based CoffeeSock Co. is making cafe quality cold-brew at home a cinch with its mason jar brew kit and cotton filters. Forget complicated procedures that require a doctorate to master and multiple chambers to clean, CoffeeSock Co. is brilliantly easy. Simply fill the fabric sock with your favourite freshly ground coffee in a medium to coarse grind, bloom the grounds for 60 seconds (a fancy way to say soak with water), fill the mason jar with cold water, throw in the neatly tied coffee sock and then let it chill for six to 20 hours.

CoffeeSock Co.’s filters are made from organically grown, untreated cotton so they’re better for the environment than their paper comrades, plus you eliminate the risk of running out of filters. In addition to the cold-brew kit, CoffeeSock Co. makes fabric filters for Hario v60 and Chemex systems. The best part is, the coffee loving chaps at Coffee Sock Co. ship to Australia, take a peek at their website.

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