The Weekend Edition - Sleep In. Slow Down. Enjoy.

The Weekend Series: five cocktails to help you through every festive situation

The Weekend Series: five cocktails to help you through every festive situation

The holiday season is ideal for bringing people together, spending time with your loved ones and celebrating the connections you’ve made throughout the year. If you are a serial entertainer, this is either the happiest time of your year or the most stressful. The fun part about Christmas catering is the cocktails, but any seasoned host will know that a your trusty Passion Pop punch won’t tantalise everybody’s tastebuds (no matter how much fruit you put in it). We’ve made a list of cocktails to cater for some specific groups that you might encounter over Christmas.

A cocktail strong enough to get your two friends to finally kiss under the mistletoe
You know the kind of friends we are talking about. The ones that you’ve been trying to set up for ages. They’ve been doing the dance for a while now – that whole ‘will they or wont they’ ordeal that is almost too hard to watch. Perhaps they are shy and simply need a dose of liquid courage to seal the deal. Position the mistletoe in a conveniently secluded corner and ply their tastebuds with a couple of rounds of seductive cocktails. No, Sex on the Beach is not the best choice here. Ginger is known to have certain aphrodisiac properties, so why not get them in the mood with the El Comediante – a heady mixture of rum, red wine and ginger syrup – and watch sparks fly!
Image: Kitchen Konfidence

twe-fleur-collins2A cocktail for your grandparents
Getting your grandparents drunk at Christmas is always a double-edged sword. Sometimes they become the life of the party, and sometimes their eccentricities become exacerbated. If Nan is expecting a drink she will like, we suggest this handy twist on the Tom Collins – the Fleur Collins. The iconic Tom Collins cocktail was reportedly invented in 1876, so chances are your grandparents have had one even if they old AF.
Image: Hungry Girl Por Vida

twe-pineapple-christmas-mocktailA mocktail for the token pregnant family member slash underage teen
A good host caters for everyone – especially those that can’t – or don’t want to – drink. Perhaps your cousin is expecting, or perhaps your annoying underage brother wants to act fancy – either way, mocktails are a great way to get creative with some zesty flavours. This pineapple holiday mocktail boasts a great colour and infuses a lot of flavours that are perfect for summer including pineapple, lime and coconut.
Image: Slap Dash Mom

twe-jalapeno-mango-margarita-popsiclesA cocktail to help you forget how bad 2016 was
For most of us, 2016 was a real dud. 2017 might not be stellar either, but it’s going to be a tall order to top the year that was. We need something strong to get rid of the memories of 2016 – something that can burn away all the bad times and get us good and psyched for better times ahead. These jalapeno mango margarita popsicles look like they’ll do the trick nicely. The mango gives the popsicles a creamy texture, while the jalapeno-infused tequila is enough of a hit to get the bad taste of 2016 out of your mouth.
Image: Broma Bakery

twe-cucumber-champagneA cocktail for your fancy in-laws
Love ‘em or hate ‘em, a visit from your in-laws will always be a part of the holiday experience. If they’ve got more of a refined taste, we suggest that you woo them with something fun but sophisticated. Beverages don’t get more sophisticated than a bit of cheeky champagne, so your in-laws will think you are bringing out the good stuff just for them. This cucumber and mint sparkler will do the trick, offering some fresh summer ingredients and enough of a kick to hopefully make your partner’s parents forget all about you past indiscretions.
Image: Domesticate Me

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