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Add a little pep to your step with a thermogenic brew from Beforeyouspeak Coffee

Add a little pep to your step with a thermogenic brew from Beforeyouspeak Coffee

For many (us), coffee is a non-negotiable part of the morning routine. Whether you need it to roll out of bed, shake the incessant brain-fog or you're more of a mid-arvo sipper, there's a new brew that's guaranteed to give you a little extra kick with your caffeine. Now that we've got your attention, allow us to introduce you to the Octane blend by Beforeyouspeak Coffee.

Hands up if you’re guilty of spending way too much time and money in the vitamin aisle of your local chemist looking for a magic pill that will help you stay awake, lose weight and be healthier. We see you, friend. Heck, we are you. As it turns out, so too is Jaryd Terkelsen and Ash Bisset – the health-conscious founders behind Beforeyouspeak Coffee. Backed by 15 years in the health and wellness industry, the switched-on duo possess a comprehensive understanding of the types of vitamins, minerals and supplements people should be taking to get more out of their days. With this in mind, they created a range of instant coffee that is loaded with different extracts and additives that will help you get more from your morning cup of Joe.

Packaged in convenient sachets, the brand-new Octane blend includes single-origin Colombian coffee infused with quality, evidence-based ingredients that will give you an added pep in your step. Specifically, green-tea extract, which has been shown to assist with fat metabolism, appetite control and blood-sugar management, L-Carnitine, which is naturally produced within the body to help break down stubborn fat stores and convert them into energy, and finally, zinc, which is an essential mineral that helps your immune system, metabolic and brain function. Octane will be available online at Beforeyouspeak from February 25, but if you simply cannot wait, there’s a whole range of beefed-up brews available including a Glow blend, which is loaded with marine collagen to help support healthy hair, skin and nails. Keen to sip better? Browse the range here.

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