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TRADE the MARK blurs the line between art and homewares TRADE the MARK blurs the line between art and homewares

TRADE the MARK blurs the line between art and homewares

The difference between a house and a home is all of the things you choose to fill it, and with and art is one of the best ways of putting a personal spin on your living space. Multi-disciplinary artist Christina McLean has created a range of homewares that imbues artistic integrity with functionality with TRADE the MARK.

When it comes to creating eye-catching pieces, Christina McLean has seemingly done it all. From graduating from Sydney College of the Arts, to starting a successful ceramics business from scratch to working in textiles for fashion wholesalers (and eventually her own print design studio), Christina has worked the depth and breadth of the industry. Seeking an opportunity to return to working with her hands, Christina started TRADE the MARK in order to touch base with her roots and develop work that can stand the test of time. TRADE the MARK creates wares that follow Vivienne Westwood’s ‘buy less, choose well, make it last’ mantra – crafting textiles, ceramics, leather and jewellery that are handmade, hand painted and built to last.

Drawing inspiration from nature – particularly plants – and travel, Christina’s wares imbue a sense of freedom and natural beauty. All textiles are made from natural linens and include wall hangings, throws and stretched artworks, while the earthenware, stoneware and porcelain ceramics boast bold colours and patterns across vessels of varied sizes and uses. TRADE the MARK also crafts leather plant hangers for those that want to elevate their greenery-filled ceramics off the ground. If you are seeking locally manufactured goods that are both striking and useful, TRADE the MARK’s website has everything you desire.

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